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Our vision is to supply every one of our customers with the highest quality fruits and vegetables. We aim to source products from every country. We believe customer satisfaction begins with the earth.

we are Leading Dates ,Fruit, Vegetable and Egg Supplier in Saudia Arabia!!

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Rain Tree We are proud to be pioneer imported products from different places

About Rain Tree

The Rain Tree Trading supplying a complete daily fresh range of fresh vegetable and fruit (imported / local) and dry food in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia round the year. We are base in last 5 year in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, on the behave of our experience we will like to facilitate our client in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We respond to relevant changes in the market and sector in a way that will enable us to make the world healthier place in the year to come. Achieving our aim in not something we can do without our employee, growers transporters, trading partners and business associate. We therefore thank all of them for making it possible for us to keep supplying the most complete range of vegetable and fruit. We also thank our customers for the trust they have placed and continue to place in us.

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a taste of real food


Rain Tree has been distributing fresh Fruits and Vegetables to our clients . The Prime area Rain Tree focus has always been the dependable supply of fresh fruits and vegetables to Hyper Markets, Supermarkets, Airlines Catering, Multi-specialty Hospitals, Three Star Chain Restaurants and leading Catering Companies Etc.